Islam is a Semitic religion, which has over one billion adherents all over the world. Islam means submission to the will of God. Muslims accept the Qur’an, as the word of God revealed to His last and final prophet, Mohammed (peace be upon him).
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 Consider These Ahadith.

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Abu Fauzi


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PostSubject: Consider These Ahadith.   Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:46 pm

May I have the pleasure of sharing with you the following 2 ahadith related from the Messenger of Allah, S.A.W.W :--

1. ''Do not talk much without remembering and mentioning Allah,
for too much talk without mentioning Allah hardens the heart,
and the person furthest from Allah is the one with a hard heart''
This is supported by verse 28, Surat Ra'ad (13:28) of the Holy Qur'an, where it is stated, ''Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah, hearts are assured (find peace)''.

2. ''Try to pass your mornings and evenings in a state where your heart
is free from all ill-feelings, jeaousy and hatred for anyone, and remember
that this is my Sunnah, and he who loves my Sunnah will be with me in
paradise'' (at-Tirmidhi).
This too is supported by an ayat from the Holy Qur'an, ie verse 25 in Surat Al-Furqan (25:63), where it is stated that, ''The true servants of the Most Merciful are those who behave gently and with humility on earth, and whenever the foolish quarrel with them, they reply with {words of} peace''.

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Consider These Ahadith.
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